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Why Use Us?

To succeed in a highly competitive market for more than 46 years, a business must offer something beyond the standard practice provided by its competitors. That "something" can be as simple as an above-average support staff, swift response, quality service or exceptional results.

Owning and leasing commercial real estate is complicated business. Often, the difference between only marginal success and excellent results depends on making an informed decision. Whether leasing or buying or selling, a professional real estate counselor is indispensable in the decision process. However, in today's rapidly changing business environment, that may not be enough. You often need that extra edge found in a wide range of individual experiences.

Finding just the right office space, industrial facility, quality investment property among the hundreds of available choices requires the most current research resources and market experience.

So, why AFCO? Simply put, we are in the problem-solving business. Whether your needs include confidential market research, creative marketing, or just a good old get-out-there-and-knock-on-doors approach, we can provide it. We've been doing it for more than 46 years.

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